Roll Up Door / Roll Up Gate

Roll Up Doors by Rolling Gates New York City

Overhead and roll-up doors that are available in a variety of styles to complement your home/store/business. We offer high quality roll up doors, commercial doors and garage doors for homes. We also offer door repair service in NYC and boroughs.

Choosing a Roll Up Door

Select the roll-up door type that best fits your property needs: 

Sectional Doors

Commercial sectional roll-up doors are appropriate when thermal efficiency and security are a concern, where window space is desired for light or visibility, or simply for aesthetic reasons. Sectional roll-up doors also operate quietly and generate little noise in windy applications. They require significant back-room or headroom, depending on the application.

Rolling Doors

Commercial roll-up doors or rolling doors are appropriate in demanding environments requiring maximum durability and security. Because of minimal back-room, headroom and Rolling Doors & Security Grilles requirements, rolling doors are able to fit in tight spaces not appropriate for sectional doors. Constructed of interlocking slats that wind around a barrel, the rolling door family includes service doors and counter shutters.

Fire Doors

Featuring some of the same construction feature as rolling doors, commercial fire doors are specified in facilities that require a listed fire door in a rated fire wall. Fire doors are normally provided with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165 F. Smoke and heat detectors or a building’s alarm system can also trigger the door’s descent. The fire door class includes both service doors and counter shutters.

Traffic Doors

Similar in construction to a rolling service door, traffic doors feature a high-strength fabric, rather than a metal, curtain. This allows for doors to attain faster speeds when traveling, which make them ideal for high cycle applications.