Garage Door Opener System

Your garage door and your automatic opener system are separate pieces of equipment. They work in unison to perform the convenience of the opening and closing of your door. Because these 2 pieces of equipment work as a team our 25 point safety inspection includes 6 items that will be checked on your opener, and 19 items that will be checked on your garage door. You will be presented with a checklist that will indicate whether each item on the list, passed or failed the inspection. Sometimes, the identification and correction of a small problem now, will save you, our customer the expense of a major problem. later. This is what is referred to as Preventive Maintenance. The value for you is not in to saving money on future major repairs or replacement, but also the safety of your costumers being exposed to equipment that may fail. Here is a list of items that will be checked by our Technician.

AUTOMATIC OPENER 1. Control Panel, including remotes and keyless entry. 2. Boom & trolley 3. Safety eyes. 5. Bell wiring 6. Safety reverse & limit switch GARAGE DOOR 7. Door balance 8. Springs 9. Rollers 10. Cables 11. Safety Cables 12. Drums 13. Center Bearing 14. End bearing plates 15. Pulleys 16. Forks 17. Shaft 18. Hinges 19. Brackets 20. Tracks 21. Hinge arms 22. Strut or truss rod 23. Spring anchor 24. Bottom weather seal 25. Panel condition Select Quality Warranted Products, Built to Last Your first step in low-maintenance is to begin with quality, that’s why our gates are built to last and be trouble free.